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SmArT develops nanotechnology-based agrochemicals - formulations of fertilizer and pesticides. 

For outdoor and indoor farmers who need nutrition for their crops, SmArT is a revolutionary fertilizer technology that has faster uptake and reduces runoff by 95%, unlike granular fertilizers used today.

SmArT fertilizer provides time-release nutrition directly to the plants in an appropriate amount.


SmArT Fertilizer and standardized delivery approaches reduce fertilizer runoff and environmental emission.


This is a NEW way to fertilize which demonstrates a revolutionary effect on crop productivity.  It is not in granular form that the big Ag fertilizer companies sell in bulk today.  AND it is not an ionic liquid/salt suspension that is sprayed on plants.  It represents a new method of uptake and time release of plant-available nutrients that represent a major departure in agricultural methods.

    Multiple Patents


     Multiple Peer-Reviewed Publications


    Indoor and Open           Field Farm Tested


  Revolutionary Nanofertilizer: Birano SmArT Fertilizer





  • Birano SmArT Fertilizer is a whole spectrum of nutrient, developed using nanoscale technology

  • Small amounts needed (2-5 Lbs/ acre)

  • Advantages of ease of application

  • Logistics for small quantities are easy

  • Crops have higher yields

  • Higher uptake rate (>80%), thus less runoff; Water will not be loaded with hundreds of pounds of granular fertilizer.

  • Multiple IP rights protected 

  • Field demonstration and feasibility proved.


  LEAP Award Winner, 2017 and 2018

  Global Impact Award (Finalist) 2018

  Global Biotechnology Award (Finalist) 2018

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